If you are currently marooned at home and looking for something to get excited about, now could be the perfect time to talk to Archisoul Architects. We are currently offering discounted rates and monthly payment plans on all new residential projects.

Utilising video conferencing we can meet with you and explore your house. From there, we can start designing to convert or extend your existing home into your dream home! This is a very interactive process – we will bring your vision to life together using a combination of hand sketches and 3D modelling.

The initial design phase often takes around 12 weeks to lodge an application to the council. Processing time for your DA in council can take another 12 weeks, so why not start today so you can be ready to build when this crisis is over and before costs start to rise again.

Through digital technologies and remote meetings, we can design a project anywhere in Australia. However, if you are based on the Northern Beaches, why not support a local business and commission Archisoul Architects to bring your dream to life!

To find out more, contact info@archisoul.com.au