Located on the beautiful South Coast of NSW and overlooking rolling green hills, the clients wanted to maximise the views looking out towards a valley and lake. The retreat had to be both light on the land, tranquil, a sanctuary, as well as functional for guests.

As yoga inherently allows connection of oneself to an elevated state of awareness, with this in mind we chose to enhance wellness and harmony through great design principals.

Using the principles of sacred geometry along with mindfulness in regard to energy efficiency and the importance of high preforming architectural facade systems we were able to design a simplistic space which is comfortable to be in regardless of the season. This is a space which encourages the end user to focus their energy toward themselves, uncluttered by unnecessary external stimulation. All the while creating harmony within the exquisite natural landscape in which the building finds itself. The importance of preserving the natural landscape lead to small, yet well thought out interventions. Minimalizing the extent of the footprint and maximising the impact of the built form in order to harness the tranquillity only nature can evoke.

The retreat comprises of a central camp house for yoga, dining and communal area and five accommodation cabins on an area of 50sqm each.

Construction to start late 2020