Our client for the C&D House came to us with the idea of building a new home, that would provide them with an income. Their site was large enough to look into options of a semi or duplex.

A duplex can be defined as a pair of houses with partially shared structure. This can either be above / below each other or side by side with a shared party wall. Side by side has the benefit of feeling like two houses rather than ground and first floor apartments which has made it a more popular option. People generally prefer to have a street level front door and direct garden access for both homes and it also helps to reduce noise disturbance caused by footsteps or music from an upstairs neighbour. This was the design option that our client preferred, as it seemed more versatile as well.

The existing old fibro home had few redeeming features, but was based on a large 800sqm block, with great access to transport, facilities and amenities. The clients loved the location, so didn’t want to relocate. We guided them through the options of a new build and the benefits of building a semi. Another benefit they sought, was to have a smaller more manageable garden requiring minimal upkeep. By designing perfectly proportioned open-planned living spaces rather than several independent living rooms this gave the family the space they wanted, with less building area.

This use of the site gave the client the chance to maximise their land value, funding their own dream home and then had the option of selling or renting the other house.

There were also the cost savings to consider of constructing two homes simultaneously. By reducing the builders set up costs and allowing shared resources, this means base costs and excesses are substantially reduced. The same is true in the design phase, finding savings on consultant fees over the cost of building on two separate sites.

For the design aspect the clients were concerned that the southern facing semi would receive less solar access and it would be darker. Archisoul’s approach to clever design thinking ensures both sides benefit from great sun light, views, breezes, etc. There was also concern that the two homes would be identical, but Archisoul always respond to an individual brief for each side and find interesting ways to make the two homes sit comfortably next to each other.

By taking the clients through advance 3D modelling and rendering software our designs are brought to life at an early stage. This allowed the clients to fully visualise how they will live in the spaces and how we can optimise the natural light through the different seasons.