The law changed on 1 July 2021 regarding class 2 buildings, which affects those who want to renovate, remediate, or build a multi-dwelling building. Archisoul is a registered and insured architect for class 2 buildings. With the recent changes in the law, we will attempt to answer some of the questions you may have regarding your class 2 building.

Class 2 buildings are residential apartment buildings. They are typically multi-unit residential buildings where people live above and below each other and have special rules to protect all occupants’ health, safety, and welfare.

Types of class 2 buildings include multi-unit, multi-storey residential apartments; a house with a granny flat on a second storey; two single-storey dwellings that are attached and have a shared space below.

The Design and Building Practitioners Act (DBP) commenced on 1 July 2021. The NSW Government introduced changes to the residential building industry to restore consumer confidence and ensure that apartments being built are trustworthy. It is also to ensure that buildings are safe and secure, that the industry is more customer-focused, and that better data is captured throughout the building life cycle.

These changes apply to building work for a class 2 building and a building with a class 2 part, including remedial work on an existing building. This includes construction, alterations or additions, fit outs and repair, renovation and protective treatment.

Building work on class 2 buildings cannot commence until regulated designs and compliance certification declarations are signed and lodged on NSW Planning Portal. If your architect/engineer/builder is not registered, this can delay your building works until they have completed training and registration.

For the architect to lodge design certificates, the architect must undertake detailed construction documentation drawings. Previously many developers skipped this integral specification step (to save on time/cost) and hence some of the resultant defaults, issues and consumer complaints. However, in undertaking this level and detail of the scope of works, the result is a more professional approach and peace of mind for the consumer.

All designs must be registered on the NSW planning portal, this assists with ease of tracking in the case of defaults.

Consumers will be covered by mandatory insurance requirements that commence from 1 July 2022. Archisoul currently has Public Indemnity Insurance and, as mandated, will meet any additional requirements by 1 July 2022.

The Act creates a duty of care to exercise reasonable care to avoid economic loss caused by defects in or related to a building arising from construction, design and supervision work.

For an architect to be registered, rigorous compliance has been established, which includes meeting eligibility criteria, having the required qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience. Architects are required to renew their registration every year, alongside relevant and evidenced Continuing Professional Development Courses. Archisoul Director, Jo Gillies is a registered Class 2 building Design Practitioner. Her Registration number: DEP0001284.

The consumer can also secure the requisite insurances, as the work has been completed competently and verified by the NSW Planning Portal.

Check that your builder/consultant/contractor is qualified and registered.

Archisoul’s Commitment

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Class Two Buildings

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