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The Archisoul Architects team have over 25 years of creating contemporary, intuitive, ecological, residential and commercial spaces that meet the emotional, physical, functional and spiritual needs of residents, visitors and the community. Our passion for architecture drives our inspiration and resonating creativity. Our clear intention for every client is to create premium quality iconic homes, buildings and spaces that inspire creativity, stimulate social interaction and are in complete sustainable harmony with their environment. Every aspect of our journey together is to ensure that we interpret your vision and understand in detail your functional, timing and investment criteria to deliver inspiring architecture that exceeds your expectations.

Make Working From Home Work for You… We Can Help!

Archisoul Architects understands the importance of a great space for working. Work spaces should be functional of course, but they should also be inspiring and facilitate a healthy and a happy way of working. This contributes to your overall health and sense of well-being, particularly with work time making up a large proportion of our days.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 many people are finding themselves suddenly working from home in a less than ideal home office set up. With recent government announcements, it now looks like this could be the scenario for months rather than weeks.

At Archisoul Architects we pride ourselves on providing the full spectrum of design services to our clients. We believe interior spaces are just as important as exteriors (if not more so!) and we love to turn existing unordered spaces into something functional and beautiful. The biggest challenges often lead to our most innovative solutions!

If you would like help optimising your home office set up, we are currently offering a unique design consultancy package at a discounted rate, specifically in response to this current crisis.

Our ‘Work From Home Consultancy Package’ includes:

  • 1 hour video call meeting to discuss your current home working set up and understand your wants and needs.
  • Concept design ideas with a hand sketched layout suggesting how to optimise your work space (harnessing light, workflow, storage, noise reduction etc).
  • Concept 3d model showing your potential new space in our 3-dimensional CAD software.
  • 1 hour video call meeting to provide you with our considered design advice and virtual walk through of your future workspace.
  • Inspirational concept image board with examples of products, storage ideas, plants, colour palettes and styles that could contribute to your working well-being and productivity.
  • Recommendations of products you could purchase to improve your workspace.

To observe medical guidance we will use video technology to meet you and understand your current scenario. We will also ask you to take photographs and send us a rough plan of the existing room/space. If you don’t have a real estate plan we can recommend a free and simple smart phone App which you can use to measure your space and create a basic plan for us to work with. Our teams training and years of experience in interior design as well as architecture allows us find innovative ways to reorder and realign existing spaces to create your perfect ‘zen’ workspace.

As productivity and work welfare is key to many employers, we’ve been in discussions with employers who’d like to help their staff with their work set ups. If your employer is of a similar mindset, we may be able to offer a further discount to assist multiple employees. If you’d like a to know more, please email us on and provide your name and phone number for us to call you and discuss our pricing. Look forward to hearing from you!


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