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Jo Gillies formed ARCHISOUL ARCHITECTS in 2012. Jo successfully ran her Architectural practice (formerly Jo Gillies. Architect) for over 20 years on the northern beaches of Sydney NSW.

The practice with their combined experience provides a valuable comprehensive service to any project whether large or small. Specialising in contemporary ecologically sustainable design, we create modern, soulful architecture and organic design that activates and inspires the soul.

Working as a team with the client, consultants and builders, spaces are created that are distinctive, functional and uplifting. Communication and trust is fundamental to Archisoul, who acknowledges that a full understanding of the client’s requirements is one of the keys to creating a stunning end result. As a consequence, a trusting and comprehensive working relationship is valued and maintained throughout the project.

From the feasibility stage, Archisoul works with a Quantity Surveyor (or builder) to provide a detailed cost summary. This summary is monitored throughout the project to ensure the desired project cost is maintained. Projects are developed in our Archicad 3D program and help greatly describing the design in both aesthetic and practical terms. Services may include all or part of any of the design and construction stages through completion. Archisoul also offers consultancy services in design and project management.

Our team consists of Registered Architects, Graduate and Student Architects, Interior Designers and Specialist Consultants. Specialist building consultants that are engaged during a project may include Structural/Hydraulic Engineer, Geotech Engineer, Heritage Architect, Town Planner or Landscape Architects. These consultants form part of the building team and help ensure the smooth running and successful completion of the project. We also undertake Alchemical approach to the project concept as well as intuitive land readings. We also work with space clearing consultants and Feng Shui consultants where and if required. Sacred geometry experts are also consulted on specialist jobs where required. We also work with Geometria principles for certain sites.

Some of the Consultants we work with include: Planner Consultants, Engineers (Structural, Civil, Hydraulic and Integrated Building Services Engineers), Surveyors, Heritage, Geotechnical, Wave Impact, Wildlife Corridor Expert, Bushfire, Traffic Engineer, Scenic Foreshore Expert, View Analysis Expert and other specialists as required. We enjoy the challenge that every project is different and consultant requirements can range from minimal to multifaceted.

The following aspects and additional consultants (including our own experiential and applied knowledge) are integrated, where applicable and where required to carry out our philosophy:

  • Alternative Energy – integrating solutions into the home and workplace to reduce energy consumption. This service is also liaised and consulted with the Building Service Engineers also for creative and known solutions.
  • Eco Specifications – non-toxic materials that hold low embodied energy, low life-cycle cost, biodegradable/recyclable/reusable materials, ethically sourced (e.g. no rainforest or growth/poorly managed forestry practices) – all relating to respecting the Earth’s energy.
  • Interior Finishes and Fixtures – close to nature with a high vibration/energy that uplift spirit and soul.
  • Colour Consultants – work with the vibration of colour and how colour complements the individual, providing joy, health and nurturing.
  • Community Living – recognising the community aspect of a home and building as well as the connection to the broader society. And also inter-generated living to enhance familial connections.
  • Healthy Energy – removing toxins from the building, limiting electromagnetic smog, geopathic stress and working with the Earth’s energies for each individual site. We work with a Building Biologist for assessing, advice and input.
  • Positive and Intuitive – Sacred geometric responses, Geometria and vision
  • Space Clearing – Energy healing and crystal energy to support the Earth and its occupants. We work with a consultant to assist when applicable.

In our logo, the ‘A’ is featured as  Archisoul Architects, Sydney, Northern Beaches  , which is the Sacred geometry symbol for ‘air’.

The ‘air’ for Archisoul is bringing the breath of the soul into the building.


JO GILLIESDirector & Principal Architect
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TENEIL VAN DYCKSenior Architect
KIRRILI ZIMMERSenior Project Leader
CAROLE HUARDSenior Project Leader
RUSSELL RICESenior Project Leader
KATIE RILEYArchitectural Assistant
PIP GRIEVESOffice Manager / Marketing
VAL BUONOOffice Accounts